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Cinemark D-BOX

The D-BOX is a system with programmed seats that move according to the action of the film and creates a feeling as if you were inside the movie. This system works through a hydraulic system, such as a flight simulator, with different levels of intensity that the viewer can control or disconnect freely, it is a flexible, innovative and different way to live the movies. The sum of these effects make the experience of 2D and 3D movies something even more spectacular, not only for the visual effects of the movie, but for the real feeling of being immersed in it.

The D-BOX seat, can jump, turn and vibe, and it moves in a range of only 1.5 inches, and a maximum capacity of 2Gs power.

The control panel is located on the right arm, and allows the viewers to modify the movements as required, with low, medium and high levels. While using the system and in case of discomfort, exists the option to turn it off.

Recommendations on the use of D-BOX seats

  • The D-BOX Motion System, may cause side effects in pregnant women, people that suffer heart condition, elderly and people affected by previous back, head or neck injuries, as well as any other previous medical condition. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using the D-Box Motion System.
  • The D-BOX Motion System is not recommended to children under 10 without adult supervision.
  • Avoid using hot liquids near the D-BOX Motion System at all times to prevent spillages that could cause serious personal injury.
  • D-BOX Technologies Inc. and this movie theater, are not liable in any way for any damage of any sort that might arise from the use of D-BOX Motion System, and the users of the D-BOX Motion System herein, agree to hold harmless against D-BOX Technologies Inc. or the theater for any damages of any kind arising from the use of D-BOX Motion System, including, but not limited, to direct or indirect damages or, retributive, incidental, exceptional or emergently consequential or related in any way to the use of D-BOX Motion System.