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    Movies at Cinemark are BETTER THAN EVER!

    Movies at Cinemark are BETTER THAN EVER! With the newest concept of theaters in the country. Upper quality of images for movies 2D and 3D with new technologies. With the higgest quality standars of the ...

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    Cinemark Digital 3D

    RealD 3D is the new generation of entertainment, with crisp, clear images that make you feel like you are within the film. RealD 3D adds depth to the experience and takes you right inside the action through a journey to unknown lands or escaping from objects that seem to fly in the room.RealD was...

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    Cinemark D-BOX

    The D-BOX is a system with programmed seats that move according to the action of the film and creates a feeling as if you were inside the movie. This system works through a hydraulic system, such as a flight simulator, with different levels of intensity that the viewer can control or disconnect f...

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    Cinemark XD Xtreme Digital Cinema

    The experience at Cinemark XD Theater provides the audience a unique experience with a giant screen equipped with larger, environmental-friendly leather seats, designed to improve de visual scope from any location within the theater and maximum comfort and bigger space between rows. Special seats...

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