Condiciones de beneficios Cineplus+

Policies and standards to use Cineplus card Cineplus

The Cineplus will be delivered to the user after completing and signing the membership and total payment.
The Cineplus is valid for 365 days from the date of activation.
The Cineplus is activated up to 48 hours after purchase.
The Cineplus provides a weekly benefit at the box office (ticket office) and at the snack bar of the theaters and in other affiliated businesses.
The benefit options change weekly on Thursdays. The coupons of those benefits must be claimed at the time period defined in the coupon.
The benefits cannot be combined, they must be claimed within the corresponding week. No claim will be accepted after this date. The benefits are only for the use of the cardholder.
All discounts and promotions are only for active members of Cineplus.
Cinemark reserves the right to change the benefits weekly.
The benefits will be available on the web page: in the Cineplus section.
To claim the weekly coupons, you must present theCineplus eat the box office.
The holder is entitled to a free birthday ticket which can be exchanged to watch any film in 2D Theaters does not include 3D movie formats, XD theater o DBOX seats. It applies only if the cardholder is presented to claim the day of his birthday with a valid ID and Cineplus.
The Cineplus card is not a valid ID of the carrier, nor is a business card or should be used as a credit card. Different uses other than the purposes for which it was granted, does not generate obligations or liability for Cinemark.

Card loss

In case of loss or theft of the Cineplus card, the user must immediately notify Cinemark through, via telephone or in person at any Cinemark within the issuing country
Cinemark may unilaterally change at any time at its discretion, the terms and conditions of this instrument. Any changes to these provisions, shall be deemed accepted by the owner the following day that Cinemark notifies such modifications, therefore, this shall be applicable from that date. If the holder does not accept the changes, it may dispense with the Cineplus card contract by giving written notice to Cinemark and this shall not involve a refund of the amount paid for the purchase of the card. In all cases, the use of the Cineplus card implies the acceptance of the new conditions laid down by Cinemark.
Cinemark reserves the right to cancel the card without refund to customers who make fraudulent use of it.
The holder adheres to this contract and accepts all the conditions established in this instrument, as well as the acquisition costs.

Authorization of Customer Communication

Hereby I authorize Cinemark to inform me about products, services, discounts and special promotions, through direct mail or phone, to which I have voluntarily provided Cinemark data and corresponding to the same information.
A copy of this Agreement will be available for your access card, on the website of Cinemark

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