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Screen Rentals

Now available for you are the best movie theaters, with the comfort and easy access you need to carry out your events in a different environment. Comfortable seats, located in stadium-type rows, equipped with A/C, a variety of products in the snack bar and located in the best shopping mall of the island. The rental option includes the possibility of projecting on a giant screen, the content at request, and to add even more entertainment, you can select your own movie.

Prepaid tickets for your business

You can purchase your tickets and pre-ordered food at special prices for your company. To obtain this benefit, there is a minimum purchase required, and it is ideal for you in special occasions such as advertising, employees reward and other activities within or outside your company.

Special screenings and premieres

Invite and rewards your best customers and / or employees to see exclusively selected films before they are released to the general public, in a private function at Cinemark, the best films of the year. You can do fundraisers for charity.

Brand presence in our lobby

You can publicize your products or services through demonstrations, signs or advertisements on the screens located in the lobby for the guests that visit our cinemas. You can take advantage of the flow and particular profile of our customers.

Screen advertising

If you want to advertise your Institutional Campaign or Commercials on our screens, we have different packages available for your company.
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We give you the option of sharing the information of your products with our customers, before or after the movie. It is a practical way to reach the consumer segment that interests you.